Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bird Show - "untitled" CD

Chicagoan Ben Vida has enlisted the help of some like-minded Kranky roster-mates (drone master Robert AA Lowe of Lichens, laptop composer Greg Davis) for his third LP as Bird Show. But his now-trademarked tribal/primal/psychedelic freak-scapes are still just as subtle and effective as before.

'Clouds And Their Shadows' could almost be described as a blissed-out bit of space-jazz (with regards to Sun Ra), but beyond that, Bird Show's sound is that of a primitive trance/ altered state, with elements and instruments from distant cultures siphoning through the blurry haze. The only obvious structure is the rhythm, which is generally congas or hand drumming, and there are voices here (which are non-lyrical), which could very well be summoning ancient spirits. 'Green Vine' is more jammy tribal out-jazz, whereas 'Berimbau' is an exotic raga/drone that floats and drifts into the subconscious quickly in it's brief 2-minute span. A fine and immersive selection of explorations into inner space. (Kranky)

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