Monday, June 30, 2008

R.I.P. Donna Klemm and Artware Productions

Sad news to report here.

An old friend, from the glory days of Godsend Magazine, has passed away.

Donna Klemm, founder and head of extreme/experimental record label/mailorder source Artware Productions, died on June 17, 2008. She was 59 years old.

I befriended Donna in probably the early 90's or so, as my then-very active experimental/industrial music zine was at it's peak. She distributed it in Germany for me, and she also provided me with a top-notch international source for odd sounds, through her label (which released wonderful limited art-piece CDs from artists as diverse as Italian occult-industrial act Sigillum S, Canadian abstractionists Violence & The Sacred, Irish sound sculptor Roger Doyle, Belgian modern tribalists Hybryds, Dutch collagists De Fabriek, Paul Lemos and Joe Papa of Controlled Bleeding, the Dedication comp of international noise music, and plenty more). Her Artware mailorder catalog was an incredible resource for obscure and weird items, many unavailable elsewhere.

She was always kind and her letters were always a pleasure to receive.

We fell out of touch in the mid-late 90's, as my magazine slowly converted itself to an online entity, and I retracted a bit from the noise scene. She continued her mailorder source into the 2000's, though it seems she ceased label operations some years ago.

She was a true spirit and dedicated herself to her arts, and Donna Klemm will be missed. R.I.P.

For more info, visit the Artware site at:


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