Monday, June 30, 2008

The Mighty Boosh

'The Mighty Boosh' was an amazingly funny BBC comedy show that existed for only three (short) seasons, but has created, in it's wake, a sort of Youtube phenomenon with the character 'Old Gregg'.

Starring, and written by comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, 'The Mighty Boosh' follows the exploits and misadventures of zookeepers Howard Moon and Vince Noir, who encounter myriad odd creatures and bizarre, surreal people as they travel the world. Moon fancies himself a 'man's man', with an eye for distinction. He's a die-hard classic jazz enthusiast, a failed musician himself (until Satan gets 'inside him'), and a self-proclaimed ladies' man. His friend, the ever-fashion-conscious glam mod Vince Noir, never fails to overshadow Moon, and his hip buffoonery translates to a whole lotta fun. Sidekicks like the hilarious Indian shaman-stoner Naboo only add to the greatness. The team's one-liners, puns, and quick-witted references are a joy to behold, and oftentimes side-splittingly funny. And, they are instantly quotable to your 'hip' friends.

There are a wealth of great skits and episodes, none of which are available commercially in North America (for shame, BBC). The official DVDs out there are UK PAL format, sadly. Nonetheless, through the beauty of the mighty youtube, the Old Gregg character is a wonderful starting point to the unparalleled majesty of 'The Mighty Boosh'.

Now, it seems the troupe are performing at festivals, on stage, and even making a movie! Here's hoping some enterprising company in the states will release this stuff for us lame Americans.

Check this clip:

You will laugh

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