Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dead Child - "Dead Child" CD

Louisville, Kentucky has a rich musical pedigree, especially in indie-rock circles. As the birthplace of the ultra-influential Slint, the city's legacy is important indeed. It's been well over a decade since Slint (who had local ties - they played their final show here at UE, and guitarist David Pajo went to school here, albeit briefly) disbanded. Members have been around, in bands like The For Carnation, Zwan, and Tortoise, but some members reconvened in 2005 for a brief (and sold-out) Slint 'final' tour, and, oddly enough, formed the wonderfully-named Dead Child. This is metal, pure and simple. Classic metal - as in Iron Maiden and Judas Priest (maybe a little Ozzy, even). In fact, much of this would fit really nicely alongside those acts, as vocalist Dahm (from indie rockers Phantom Family Halo) channels both Dickinson and Halford as well as anyone. And using inspirations from great horror fiction and film ('Twitch Of The Death Nerve' is a song title, for example), this crunchy, antisocial mix is tight and ballsy, just as well-forged metal should be. 'Angel Of The Odd' is rollicking ride into Beelzebub's bowels, and 'Wasp Riot' just begs for denim jackets and fist-pumping. I bet they're a hoot live, too. Metal up yer arse! (Quarterstick/Touch & Go) homepage

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