Thursday, May 1, 2008

American Speedway - "Ship Of Fools" CD

All-American balls-out RAWK from this Philly band who are hellbent on busting their amplifiers and your eardrums, if you get too close. This is simple stuff, with no scenester poses or slick haircuts. American Speedway are about the rock of it. And it's a heavy, yet well-measured dose (31 minutes that don't back down), easily for fans of the bare-bones adrenaline/sweat sounds of AC/DC or the Supersuckers. They don't easily fit into metal or punk camps, though will easily appeal to fans of either side. 'Cocaine' is destined to be an anthem for all times, with it's raw and anarchic boost of energy. American Speedway are a blitzkrieg of boisterous ferocity with the power to shake some booty and crack some skulls in the process. Loved it. (Prophase/MVD Audio) American Speedwayspace

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