Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Coen Brothers - "No Country For Old Men"

This one's been dissected in blogs and at the proverbial 'office cooler' for months now, and barely needs any kind of description or guidance, but here's my say. Javier Bardem (as vicious murderer Anton Chigurh) is magnificent, cold, and purely evil as the lawless killer in search of a huge stash of stolen drug money. The admittedly idiotic Josh Brolin gets himself in far too deep when he stumbles across the drug money and then (duh) returns to the scene, where he is spotted by both the law and Bardem. This sets up the film as a kind of race to see who can track the riches first. Tommy Lee Jones is superb as the aging sheriff who is trailing both killer and drug money, and this tightly-wound film ended up winning a truckload of Oscars. It's a mean movie, not for the squeamish, and very dark - with a nice amount of subtlety. I liked it. trailer

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