Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Brothers Strause - "AVPR: Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem"

Hmm. After an awesome trailer last year, I was actually hyped to see this one (despite the last 'AVP' entry being pure shite all the way through, with respect to Lance Henriksen who had to pay some bills). Anyway, damned if star Reiko Aylesworth (as Kelly O'Brien) isn't an adequate stand-in for Sigourney Weaver. She has the look, the sinewy tough military exterior, the loving, feminine maternal side, and...well, not quite the acting chops. She and small-town just-released-from-jail boy Dallas Howard (played decently by Steven Pasquale) fend off a marauding force of treacherous aliens, crash-landed on Earth when they escape a Predator's mobile space lab. Okay, sounds fine so far. And, to it's credit, 'AVPR' is really nicely splattery, with a surplus of head-smashings and exploding body parts. Score some points for not holding back on that front. The problem comes in when the plot introduces some petty and generic teen characters. What follows is a highly pedestrian teen-action-horror romp, with the requisite 'hot girl' jealousies, jocko homo in-fighting, and insipid conversation. Maybe that's a lot like real life, but this script kinda sucks. It's evident that this film was aimed at that kinda audience, as there's little here to recommend it to die-hard fans of 'Alien' or 'Predator', two classics of the sci-fi genre. The franchise of 'AVP' needs to end here, and now, as this kind of mindless pabulum doesn't expand or add to the mythology of either character. The big showdown at the end is in the form of the Predator facing off with a hybrid 'Predalien', and this climactic battle scene reminded me of a choreographed pro wrestling match, or maybe a silly old Godzilla movie. Ugh. Pass on this one. trailer

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