Monday, July 7, 2014

"Peter Simon's Through The Lens - Celebrating 50 Years of Personalized Photojournalism" 2xDVD

Impressive set of photos from celebrated artist

This deluxe set of DVDs serves as both an intro to the extensive and impressive career of photojournalist Peter Simon, as well as a sort of travelogue of his 50 years covering America and the world. 

Hosted and narrated by Simon himself, this set details his childhood inspirations and follows his life through the tumultuous sixties (Simon was a part of the hippie community and even co-founded an impromptu commune back in the day). From there, his friendships with many artists, musicians, and other celebrities (Walter Cronkite and family were close friends, even) are highlighted, all with some amazing photography. Simon has had quite a colorful life, meeting people as gaining the trust of celebrities as diverse as Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, and Bob Marley, to name just a few. His coverage of Jamaican reggae culture is stunning and groundbreaking for it's era, and the photos featured here (there are hundreds presented in this set's 3+ hours) prove to be a lovely and inspirational journey from a man who's seen and done it all.

A perfect set for any aspiring photographer, "Peter Simon's Through The Lens" is a wonderful journey for anyone interested in the world around them. Peter Simon should be a household name, without question.

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