Sunday, July 6, 2014

"My Boo" DVD (director: Erica Hayes)

Mediocre indie thriller

This indie film is the tale of a young lady (the lovely Ashlee McLemore) who is unwittingly drawn into the world of her old high school admirer who quietly moves in across the hall from her. The stalker, played creepily by Revon Yousif, uses video feeds he installs into her apartment to spy on her, and finds ways to keep boyfriends and acquaintances cum rivals at bay.

Reminding me often of a bad Lifetime TV movie, "My Boo" has some awful acting (though McLemore is solid in her role, thankfully), terrible audio (the quiet parts I couldn't hear, the louder conversations had to be turned down), and a pretty pedestrian plot. There's little here to recommend, no nudity, and just not enough to make this one more than a struggle to sit through. No, thanks.

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