Sunday, July 6, 2014

G.G. Allin - "(Un)Censored Live 1993" DVD

More bootleg nihilism and degradation

Does the world really need another G.G. Allin live bootleg? Probably not, and anything after the extraordinary and unforgettable documentary "Hated" seems to be nothing more than extraneous and excessive. 

Comprising 4 brief shows on Allin's "Terror In America 1993" tour, this 110-minute DVD includes all the staples of Allin's infamous live shows -- shitting (and shit-throwing, and shit-eating), pissing, masturbation, fighting, and self (and audience) abuse. Why these clubs even booked Allin and his band, the Murder Junkies, is beyond me. The low-rent primitive punk music itself was merely an afterthought, and a backdrop, to Allin's controversial and confrontational antics. Was he a rock legend? Possibly. But this is stuff only for hardened souls -- raw, unfiltered, and absolutely vile. Nihilistic misanthropes beware, as this is base-animal rock, as sick and dirty as it can be. Approach with caution.

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