Saturday, July 13, 2013

Velvet Condom - "Vanity And Revolt" CD

Sly electro wave

The name "Velvet Condom" is meant to evoke something smooth, but safe and plastic, and that more than fits here. This French-via-Berlin duo has released several albums since their formation in 2005, and this new one includes 80 minutes of what the band call "dirty pop" or "weird wave". I'd add "robot pop" as another possible description, as these tracks are minimal electronic pop tunes that harken back to the early new-wave days. 

There are a multitude of sly synth grooves, not overly dance-worthy, but definitely of a gritty big-city Euro decadence. Imagine early Soft Cell combined with early Cure, as in "Trash Vaudeville", or the shoegazey Jesus & Mary Chain-styled "Separ-Hate". "Vanity And Revolt" is a very retro-inspired take on post-punk, maintaining a strict melodic slant within the cold and often gray feel of the songs. Solid work, especially for fans of classic wave.

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