Monday, July 8, 2013

Shane Morris & Mystified - "Emergence" CD

Organic ambient soundtracks

The second release in a trilogy of sonic soundtracks to the dawn of life on Earth, Morris and Mystified (aka Thomas Park) here craft "Emergence" around the appearance of mammals on the Earth. It's a lovely and mysterious primordial ambience that showcases the duo's skill at creating vast, organic-sounding environments. 

Beginning with "From The Primordial Night", this album conjures magical images of a world teeming with wonder and life. "To The Icy Peaks" is a mysterious, fleeting, and haunting drift, whereas "Feet On The Ancient Forest Floor" sparkles with life on what sounds like a rainforest. Insects, drips of rain, unidentified creatures, wind, and distant rumblings -- all stunning worlds within a singular soundscape. 

A large part of "Emergence" was composed with organic instrumentation (woodwinds, trombone, and acoustic percussion figure prominently), and this "third world" vibe is proof-positive that Morris and Park are masters at discovering ancient spirits encased in sound.

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