Saturday, July 13, 2013

Age Of Woe - "Inhumanform" CD

Crusty Swedish metal

Sweden seems to be the home of the best metal these days, with the likes of my own favorites, Watain and Meshuggah hailing from that very destination. Age Of Woe's debut doesn't reach that watermark level of metal brutality nor complexity, but "Inhumanform" is a solid work of downtuned "d-beat" mayhem, nonetheless. And they're from Sweden.

"King Of Thieves" is a rollicking metallic joyride to hell, while "Black Rain" is a sorrowful, doom-laced piece. "At First Light" is a speed-laced, fuzzed-out rocker that channels both classic metal and hardcore. The rest of this 38-minute album follows closely behind. Maybe it's not so unique, but Age Of Woe certainly have the momentum and potential to join their aforementioned brethren.

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