Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mumford & Sons - "Extraordinary Folk" DVD

Poorly-executed and sophomoric biography

This unauthorized documentary is another shallow, lackluster attempt by "Iconic Films" to make a quick buck from a flavor of the week artist. Now, I can appreciate Mumford & Sons lively blend of folk and rock sounds, and I confess to giving their debut,  "Sigh No More", a number of listens. But this is awful.

From the outer packaging alone, you'll see where the sales pitch goes too far: "Mumford & Sons puts the "F" in folk music"? Huh? And the description closes with " of the greatest bands of the 21st century". Double huh? Ah well, regardless of this terrible sloganeering, this DVD clocks in at a little under an hour, and basically frames several TV interviews with poorly-written bios of the band. It all sounds clumsy and sophomoric, really. And there is no music from the band included, either, which definitely hurts even worse. 

Iconic Pictures strikes again. Avoid this quickie cash-grab from them.

Iconic Pictures

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