Thursday, July 18, 2013

Implant - "The Productive Citizen" limited boxset 2xCD

Solid but generic electro

Belgian electro outfit Implant has been around for over 20 years, believe it or not, and this is their 9th studio album.

The opening cut, "Lord Knows I Tried", is a fine mid-tempo electro stomper with guest vocals from Claus Larsen of Leather Strip. "C.C.C.P.C.C.T.V." follows and is a deep and slick club cut that reminds of Front 242 gone more disco. "The City" is straight-up synthpop -- think early Depeche Mode meets Leather Strip, whereas "The Game" is moody and atmospheric electro.

Disc B is packed with 12 remixes, standouts including Leather Strip's mix of "Lord Knows I Tried" (complete with old-time blues samplings ala Recoil) and Pankow's mix of "C.C.C.P.C.C.T.V." (which is a slamming good time). Other cuts range from industrial techno to trance, and seem pretty well disposable.

Overall, solid work, if lacking a bit in character and depth.

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