Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Hong Kong Confidential (aka "Amaya")" DVD (director: Maris Martinsons)

Charming but flawed indie film

This oddly charming little indie film centers around a lonely and unhappy Hong Kong housewife named Amaya (played by the impeccable Kaori Momoi), who meets a charming English expat named Paul (played with a subtle woodenness by Lithuanian musician Andrius Mamontovas). Well, before you think "romance", it doesn't really go there. It's really a sort of subtle character study, where Amaya discovers herself in the context of her own culture, through Paul's outsider influence.

The cinematography here is quite nice, as the scenes around Hong Kong are both colorful and memorable. I would've liked a little more emotion though, especially as this is a sort of comedy/romance/drama hybrid. Overall, "Hong Kong Confidential" is a decent indie film that doesn't prove stunning, but certainly has something to offer.

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