Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Jesus Lizard - "Club" DVD

We all have, at the end of the day, great regrets in life. One of mine is not seeing The Jesus Lizard live in their prime. This tremendous live DVD goes a little ways toward righting that wrong.

Filmed during the band's 2009 reunion, "Club" is a wonderful up-close-and-personal, pro-shot experience. The band is as tight (and shiny?) as ever, and frontman David Yow is manic and driven like a madman. The band trounce through most of their early-catalog favorites like "Seasick", "Mouthbreather", "Then Comes Dudley", "Monkey Trick", "Glamourous", and 17 more. It's a full-on frontal assault, with precise, math-rock like grooves and Yow's strained, gargled, and feral vocals. In other words, prime Jesus Lizard. This is a dirty rock show minus the spilled beer and body odor. 

These guys still kick ass years later. Serious fans need to pick this up, as do those who never got the chance to see them. And if the 70-ish minute DVD isn't enough, they've included bonus MP3 files of all the tracks, so you can kick out the Jesus Lizard jams on your ipod, too! Rock on, boys.

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