Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stranglers - "On Stage, On Screen" DVD

Having not been familiar with this legendary punk band (they've been around for 40 years!), this comprehensive live set was positively educational for me. Featuring a 79-minute electric set and a 29-minute acoustic set, the pro-shot "On Stage, On Screen" DVD presents many of the band's greatest tracks, including "Always The Sun", "No More Heroes", and their cover of "All Day And All Of The Night". 

It all looks and sounds fantastic. The band is rock-solid, though (now former) vocalist Paul Roberts' rock-star swagger is a tad annoying. But that's splitting hairs. This is an exceptional set for Stranglers fans. 

As an added bonus, there's a short 18-minute film ("Norfolk Coast") starring the Stranglers' Jean Jacques Burnel that's quite good, detailing a bizarre love affair and a man's struggle against some wicked personal demons. Perfect for serious fans, but casual followers (like me) should do further research.

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