Sunday, February 3, 2013

Enabler - "All Hail The Void" CD

All hail indeed! These Milwaukee-based terror-core kings (also known as Enabler MKE) here release their full-length CD debut after a number of split EPs and vinyl releases. Coming from a breakneck metal/hardcore direction, Enabler's 12 tracks run roughshod over the listener with seriously throttled riffs, huge drums, and scarred-throat vocals.

The only respite here in the whole 34 minutes are the track breaks. "FATH" opens it up with a moment of acoustic guitar before launching into a fearsome tirade of complex rhythms and guitar mayhem. "Speechless" is punk-metal that absolutely annihilates others who may have similar inspirations. "Fuck Today" has a math-metal breakdown that would make the mighty Meshuggah proud, even. Well played. 

There's not a whole lot I can say about Enabler's "All Hail The Void", aside from the fact that this is a smoking-hot debut from a band that could be among the best out there if they continue this trajectory. I am stunned.

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