Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Play In The Gray" (director: Kaitlin Meelia)

A surprisingly immersive, subversive, and provocative documentary, "Play In The Gray" looks at the acclaimed gender-bending stage & performance group All The Kings Men. From the socio-political comedy of their drag shows to behind the scenes, these women are creating a friendlier world for those who don't fit into rigid gender roles or stereotypes. And I say "Bravo!" to them.

Hailing from Boston, the 6 ladies of All The Kings Men have performed hundreds of shows all over the country, and their vaudevillian, over-the-top characters are both hilarious and campy. In "Play In The Gray", we get to meet each of the performers, and sometimes their families and partners. We see what makes these girls tick, as they get into costume and subvert what we think makes a "woman" or a "man". Some of the girls are comfortable as male characters, while others are more feminine. Each of them, though, has a story and persona that's empowering and uplifting. Kudos to the filmmakers and All The Kings Men, for producing a film that breaks down some stereotypes and boundaries. (Planting Seeds Productions)

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