Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I'm Not Nuts- Living With Food Allergies" DVD (director: Kevin J. Lindenmuth)

A vital and timely documentary about the growing problem of food allergies, "I'm Not Nuts" is a fairly straight-forward look at the affliction and it's permutations. Interviews with doctors, scientists, and those (mainly parents) who deal with these mysterious allergies every day are the foundation, as they well should be.

As well, "I'm Not Nuts" provides a number of valid alternatives, and general rays of hope for someone coping with extreme food allergy. Director Lindenmuth doesn't go the flashy route, as there's not extensive reliance on attention-grabbing graphics, but the info here is paramount. As it stands, this should be a must-see for anyone involved in the food industry, or anyone with children. (MVD Visual)

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