Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Joint Body" DVD (director: Brian Jun)

This well-done crime drama stars Mark Pellegrino (best-known as Jacob from "Lost") as an ex-convict who, upon release, is abandoned by his ex-wife and estranged from his daughter. In trying to find his feet in the real world, he meets troubled stripper Michelle (played well by the lovely Alicia Witt), and together they get mixed up in another, umm, legal debacle. 

Director and writer Jun does well leading us to empathize for both Nick and Michelle, who are both strong and likable characters, despite their histories. With a minimum of violence and sex, "Join Body" remains gritty and realistic, and subsequently, an exceptional indie film with heart and spirit. I enjoyed this one all the way through! (40 West/Level 33 Entertainment)

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