Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Craft Beer Roundup, Part 2

As the endless Summer (hopefully) winds itself down, I think it best we clear away some of these warm-weather beer reviews I've been hoarding. Here's another batch. Ratings, as ever, range from a lowly 1 to a stately 5. Drink well, but drink responsibly. And drink indie! Just say "No" to corporate beer monopolies!

This clean golden-amber ale pours with an attractive fine white head of carbonation, and with a light but pleasant lace on the glass. Aroma is fruit-forward. I get nicely-sweet orange. Flavor-wise, this one is citrus-hoppy, but there's no bitterness, as it's all balanced by a prominent sweet malt profile. 

The always-dependable Brooklyn's light summer ale pours a clean golden, with wispy lace. The taste is toasty up front, with a subtle hint of citrus hops in the middle, followed by a bready finish. Enjoyable and quite nice for hot summer days.

This cloudy pale amber ale pours with a minimal head and lace. The aroma is malty and spicy. Upon hitting the palate, this one hits sweet and candy-like, with a hint of ginger spicing it up. Nonetheless, I found this one to be overbearingly sweet, and tough to finish.

This easy-drinking amber ale is now available in 16 oz. cans, and it opens with a rich and malty taste. I get toasty bread, with only a faint hint of hops. Fat Tire remains an easy-drinking session beer, and an American craft beer classic.

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