Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Port City" DVD (director: Andy Brown)

This charming, warm-hearted indie comedy succeeds in weaving a tapestry of characters that are likable, sensitive, and very very human. Starring Matt Lutz as the lead character David, "Port City" depicts his friends and acquaintances -- from his outwardly gay neighbor to his sister (who is nagged by both a creepy stalker ex, and an offensively sexist boss).  We also get to see his well-intentioned co-worker Nancy's growing resolve to give her deadbeat husband the boot. And, we meet a mysteriously alluring older woman who works her way into David's life.

In-between all that, there's plot twists involving a pet goat and a troubled hitman. Riotously funny? Not necessarily, but director Brown has assembled a solid cast and a clever storyline for this sleeper. This is what indie films are about -- not glitz nor glamour, but with a genuine human element that seems real, plausible, and possible. I enjoyed this one. (MVD Visual)

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