Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Slash - The Cat In The Hat - The Story So Far" DVD/CD

A repackaging of two separate unauthorized titles, this set devoted to the Guns N' Roses guitarist is shallow and rather lacking. The DVD, originally released in 2002, is a weak 60-minute bio of GNR the band (rather then Slash himself), lacking any Guns music, and with only a few brief clips of interviews with actual band members. Instead, we get "experts" like fans, Guitar Center employees, Tower Records employees, and Hollywood tattoo artists. Not necessarily first-hand accounts. Not good, and certainly a weak effort from the sometimes-worthy Pride DVD label.

The CD is a solid 78-minute collection of radio interviews with Slash, some done much more recently (after his Velvet Revolver, Slash's Snakepit, and his first solo album). The modern-day Slash proves to be an articulate and well-grounded fellow. Discussions cover everything from smoking to Jack White to Jack Daniels to Alter Bridge to touring with Metallica and Faith No More. Serious fans would do well to hear these interviews, but this is really a pretty shoddy set, especially as it's only a rehash of stuff available before under different titles. (Pride DVD via MVD Visual)

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