Friday, April 20, 2012

"Where The Dead Go To Die" DVD (director: Jimmy ScreamerClauz)

Films don't get much more antagonistic, confrontational, or outright damaged than this wildly hallucinogenic celebration of blood, sex, gore, murder, blasphemy, bestiality, satanism, and insanity. Put simply, "Where The Dead Go To Die" is an LSD nightmare of epic proportions. Created using XBox Kinect's motion capture, this primitively animated feature-length film lacks humanity, but instead dives in as a catalog of horrific and depraved imagery. The supposed story is foggy and unnecessary, and serves as little more than an excuse to parade out the extreme visuals. A vicious and unrelenting assault, and definitely not one for the squeamish. Unforgettable. (Unearthed Films via MVD Visual)

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