Monday, April 16, 2012

Lydia Lunch - "The Gun Is Loaded" DVD (directors: Joe Tripician and Merrill Aldghieri)

Hmm. An 80s-era film starring Lydia that's not directed by Richard Kern. And wildly less-successful this one is, too. A surreal mix of stage monologue and documentary, "The Gun Is Loaded" basically allows Lunch to rant and rave at the state of the world, America, greed, sexism, and so on. To be honest, her shrill tirades grow weary quickly. With a backdrop of stage and streets, and with interspersed news footage, this film is a platform to exhibit Lunch's critical gripes and anger at the world around her. The soundtrack is the sole attraction here, being a subtle and fittingly dark score by Lunch's former partner J.G. Thirlwell (aka Foetus). I can't say I enjoyed this one much. And at a paltry 45 minutes, there's not much else to recommend. (MVD Visual)

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