Saturday, April 21, 2012

Philm - "Harmonic" CD

Featuring drummer Dave Lombardo (of Slayer and Fantomas fame), this new power trio is, as expected, pretty heavy-duty stuff. Philm, which pairs Lombardo with friends from the bands War and Civil Defiance, is a raw, stripped-down, and organic beast, with tracks pulling from metal, punk, and even a small amount of jazz (however slight). "Area" combines a melodic side with fairly brutal and tight metal/punk, whereas "Way Down" even gets bluesy near the end. Other cuts, like "Sex Amp", remind me of a punchier Prong, namely due to Gerry Nestler's vocals. "Mezzanine" jams it out for a spaced-out psychedelic vibe, while "Meditation", the closer, is anything but. "Harmonic", all told, is a lengthy set of playful and taut heavy rockers that showcase Lombardo and company's diverse tastes and talents. (Ipecac)

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