Thursday, November 24, 2011

"My Stepdad's A Freakin' Vampire!" DVD (director: David Matheny)

This low-budget indie horror/spoof did an admirable job holding my interest, despite some obvious shortcomings. What won me over?

Despite a silly premise and plenty of unnecessary reliance on CGI monsters (which were well-done for the budget), "My Stepdad..." boasts some relatively decent acting, and a likeable lead character (Lahcen Anajjar). Sure, this is a mild horror film with comedic elements tailored for a teenage audience, but "My Stepdad" is entertaining, if light, good-time that didn't have me cringing (or reaching for the 'STOP' button). The gore was fair (mostly green goo rather than bloody evisceration), and a lack of nudity didn't affect this one at all.

The camera work was well-done, with interesting angles and activity, and the score (by Douglas Edward) was also professional, stylish, and tiers above similar films. I say, well-done for vampire fans. I can see a promising future for director Matheny if he can maintain this level of professionalism. (MVD VIsual)

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