Sunday, November 27, 2011

Justin Vanderberg - "Synthetic Memories" CD

Composer Vanderberg's second album is a delightful and wistful collection of deep ambient electronic sounds that gently ebb and flow in a relaxing manner. It's an ambient album with depth and clarity, combining the best of modern electronics with a timeless, Eno-esque quality that works equally as well as background listening or immersive contemplation.

"When I Walk" is a droning, meditational piece with celestial inclinations, while the title track brings a gorgeous collage of serene strings alongside percolating sequencers, like classic Vidna Obmana meeting Vangelis somehow. This is a standout, being simultaneously majestic and mysterious. "The Path" ushers in a heavy rolling rhythm of an almost trip-hop or industrial nature, which works well alongside the crystalline strings."Dusk" shows a hint of darkness around the edges, but remains true to the album's gentle overall vibe. "Synthetic Memories" is a superb work from a composer I'll be curious to hear more from. (Spotted Peccary)


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