Monday, November 21, 2011

New York Dolls - "Lookin' Fine On Television" DVD

Hailing from New York (of course) in the early 70's, the NY Dolls were progenitors of the yet-to-break punk movement. The band, centered around frontman David Johansen and guitarist Johnny Thunders, rocked with as much swagger and androgyny as the early Stones, only with less blues and more of a raw, garage vibe, inspiring bands from the Sex Pistols to Guns 'N Roses in their wake.

This DVD collects a number of rare and long-lost TV appearances from the bands' heyday, and it's obvious that these VHS tapes were on the verge of decay. Fortunately, the poor, grainy, and often black-and-white footage is collaged and seamlessly mixed with quality audio and interspersed interview and backstage bits. So this turns into a cohesive 70-minute set of prime Dolls. Well-done, especially with the limited footage and resources. Maybe this one isn't a must-see for most punk fans, but completists will find "Lookin' Fine" more than essential. (MVD Visual)

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