Saturday, September 3, 2011

Voivod - "Warriors Of Ice" CD

A well-recorded live album from these Canadian tech-prog-metal futurists, "Warriors" reunites the 3 surviving original Voivod members for a set of classics and favorites, including "Voivod", "Nothingface", and "Nuclear War".

It's good to hear these legends going back to their thrashy roots, with songs like "Overreaction" being blurs of primal metal fueled by visions of a post-Bladerunner cyberpunk world. "Brain Scan" is prog-metal with clarity and guts, and sans pretense or wankiness. It all closes with the band's notorious and wonderfully faithful cover of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett-era psychedelic masterpiece, "Astronomy Domine". The recordings here are crisp and punchy, with plenty of bottom-end crunch. Superb work from some legends who keep motoring on. (Sonic Unyon Metal)

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