Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All Pigs Must Die - "God Is War" CD

Fronted by Hope Conspiracy bellower Kevin Baker, and including Ben Koller (and producer/mixer Kurt Ballou) from famed hardcore nihilists Converge, APMD unleash a devastating blow on this debut album. It's a brief yet grueling affair, running all of 8 tracks and 33 minutes, but All Pigs don't waste any time showing their crust/hardcore roots. Every cut here is positively ferocious.

From the opening of "Death Dealer", APMD bruise and pummel with unrelenting viciousness. "Sancrosanct" approaches black metal, whereas "The Blessed Void" is a low-end blur of head-smashing thrash. It all leads up to "Sadistic Vindicator", which closes things out with a huge wall of guitar sound and brutal, churning rhythms. This is an album of violent aggression, and though it's a limited palette of sound, it's a wholly effective one. (Southern Lord)

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