Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Live From Tokyo" DVD (director: Lewis Rapkin)

This is an extraordinary and enlightening documentary of the underground Japanese music scene, and I was pleasantly surprised and inspired by it. Rapkin focuses his lens equally among bands and clubs, with all sorts of musics represented. The backdrop of the bustling urban metropolis (Tokyo) is daunting, but somehow technologically beautiful, in a futuristic way, and an entirely different vibe than New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

Japan, as a culture, doesn't have the extensive history and background in rock and avante musics. Their European and American inspirations are evident, but the ingenuity of many Japanese artists are taking these templates into entirely new and unexpected directions. Makoto Oshiro, for example, is a mad genius of sorts, creating odd feedback instruments and some explosive performances. As well, the Enban club/live house/shop/bar is a place I'd be inclined to visit, and a comfy place for left-of-center and eclectic musics and fans to congregate and socialize.

There's plenty of samples of live musical performances, some interesting characters interviewed, and plenty of info, especially for anyone interested in exploring the thriving underground music scene in modern Tokyo. Well-done! (Good Charamel Records via MVD Visual)

Official site with trailer

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