Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Untimely Demise - "City Of Steel" CD

This Saskawawan metal band has all the classic thrash elements down well, and "City Of Steel" is their full-length debut. Produced by former King Diamond/Megadeth axeman Glen Drover, "City Of Steel" is a driving set of energetic and evil tunes that recall both the excesses and economy of Megadeth as well as the Accused (with the shrill, bilious vocals). Not a bad mix, if you ask me! "Hunting Evil" is ripe with wild guitar solos, whereas the title track is a potent and speedy assault of riff and rhythm. "Unmaker" begins as a melodic ballad at first, before erupting into a fury of anthemic metal mayhem. Superb work, and at only 32 minutes, a concise trip into a mad metal world. (Sonic Unyon Metal)

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