Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Grindhouse Hotties - Rene Bond - Sleazy 70's Triple Feature" DVD

This resurrection of 3 old hardcore (porno) titles featuring doe-eyed brunette Rene Bond are pretty scratchy and poor transfers, and subsequently are barely worth attempting to watch.

"Sounds Of Sex" is first, and this boasts of some supremely crap audio. Seriously, why wasn't this remastered? Parts are inaudible, it's so bad. Bond acts only as hostess here, while demonstrating her fellatio technique. There's nothing here that's worth enduring the awful sound.

"City Woman" and "Show And Tell Hotel" follow, and both are fairly forgettable and pedestrian sets of vignettes. Sure, there's some pretty hardcore action here, but honestly, these were a chore to sit through. No, thanks. (After Hours Cinema)

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