Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Julian Cope - "Copeulation" DVD

A nice and historical compilation of Cope's promotional videos, dating back to his days fronting Liverpool-based post-punk band The Teardrop Explodes, though sadly this only takes us up to 1990 or so. Where are the later Cope videos? Ah, the perils of licensing. Regardless, this is a worthy timepiece.

I first heard of Cope through MTV and his enigmatic "World Shut Your Mouth" video, which is thankfully included here. From that slice of new-wave rock, and from the rest of the more pop-friendly tracks here, there's little evidence of Cope's later (and current) fascination with avante garde psychedelic musics and Krautrock. "Copeulation"'s 14 tracks of 80's-era videos are well-worth a shot for Cope fans, but those on the fence may want to ignore these often dated visuals and silly poses. (Cherry Red/Universal)

Julian Cope's superb Head Heritage site

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