Sunday, August 7, 2011

"I Spit On Your Naked Corpse" 5xDVD

"Five films of extreme horror", so states the packaging here. I say, it's more like five Z-grade sleaze/trash films with little going for them.

"Sadomaster" begins things off on a poor note. It's an embarrassingly awful Argentinan shlock-fest with poor subtitles and even worse effects. Nazis, ninjas, plastic babies, and a masked (the box says "mashed"---hahah!) avenger (lucha libre style) all add up to a horrendous film. Avoid!

"China White Serpentine" follows, and is a fairly forgettable trip into a drug-and-sex ring headed up by a domineering female drug dealer. Plenty of blood and boobage here, but little else worth mentioning.

"Dead Body Man 2 - Separation Anxiety" is a highly offensive, sick, and farcical gross-out, on a less-then-shoestring budget. Sadistic killer/chicken-fucker Willie (played by the Bam Margera-like loudmouth Eddie Benevich) terrorizes everyone he meets, as his porno obsession leads him to encounters with Jesus, prostitutes, and old rehab friends. Pure camp, and an ordeal to sit through.

"Bizarre Lust Of A Sexual Deviant" is a fairly heinous exploitation flick that follows a troubled stalker/prowler who chloroforms his young female victims, only to take naked Polaroids of them. Easily, this one's a pretty sick excuse to parade out more titties. Not much story here.

Finally, "I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave" stars Emily Haack (the heavily-tattooed star of many of SRS Cinema's trash/sexploitation films) as a woman who adopts her captor's sadistic tendencies to avenge her past sexual predators. Full of humiliation, degradation, mutilation, and lots of blood, this shocker ends on a vicious note, with a climax involving a wooden baton, masturbation, sodomy, and rape. Ugly stuff.

Can't recommend this collection to anyone but those with the vilest temperaments, and those who don't mind watching wooden acting and amateur cinematography. (SRS Cinema)

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