Sunday, August 7, 2011

Isolation - "Closing The Circle" album

This German doom/post-metal outfit aren't quite there yet, but this debut album shows great promise. Isolation dare to combine the post-punk dirge qualities of Joy Division or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry with the gargantuan post-metal of juggernauts like Neurosis or Isis, with a tendency towards more atmospheric dynamics. The clean vocals move them well beyond traditional categorization, though I get hints of black metal deep within the mix, too, especially on tracks like "Closing A Circle", with its swell of guitars and blastbeats.
Isolation show a willingness to experiment with and subvert the usual metallic genres, and they are able to combine unusual sounds and inspirations. Here's to hoping their next release will be a stronger breakthrough. (Eisenwald)

Isolation website

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