Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Radiohead - "Arms & Legs: The Story So Far" 2xDVD

This is another re-packaging of 2 previous unofficial Radiohead DVDs, not labeled as so, which could lead to some angry buyers. Not a good move, but a sure sign of a quick ca$h-in attempt by the UK's "Pride DVD" (formerly Sexy Intellectual). Shady dealings!

Anyhow, disc one was released as "OK Computer - A Classic Album Under Review", and essentially breaks down this landmark album, track-by-track. Unquestionably one of the most influential and innovative pop albums of the past couple of decades, "OK Computer" is here dissected by journalists and Radiohead biographers. A little live footage is interspersed within, but overall this is a fairly lightweight documentary, with limited interest.

The second disc pales mightily in comparison, believe it or not. Previously titled "Homework", this thin 46-minute documentary from 2003 merely serves as a visual biography of the band, with photos and a few interviews with insiders. Make no mistake, I was pleased to learn of Thom's pre-Radiohead dalliances with post-industrial music as Headless Chickens, but this one is sorely lacking in any Radiohead music. As it is, "Homework" is a shameful and shallow disc of fluff that could just as easily be seen online or learned on wiki. No, thanks. (Pride DVD via MVD Visual)

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