Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Fested: A Journey To Fest 7" DVD

"Fest" has come to be known as a sort of mecca for young and rising punk bands. Held in Gainesville, Florida, the weekend-long festival has brought thousands of young musicians and music fans to the small town for some revelry rarely seen (or allowed) in these times.

As a raw documentary, "Fested" shows the ins-and-outs of Fest, as seen through the eyes of some of the 2008 Fest participants. You get lots of footage of bands playing in some small venues, to very enthusiastic crowds. You get lots of drinking (I may never drink another PBR as long as I live), more drinking, and still more drinking. In short, Fest is a huge, drunken frat party, but with better music. As a documentary, "Fested" succeeds in presenting the festival truthfully, warts and all. As entertainment, I wasn't very interested. Maybe you just had to be there? (National via MVD Visual)

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