Saturday, March 12, 2011

Der Blutharsch - "The Pleasures Received In Pain" CD

The third album (originally released in 1999) from this Austrian artist explores more folk-oriented melodies and electronics, rather than their usual heavy-handed post-industrial military marching sounds. Tracks like "V" begin as elegant melodies before erupting into martial drumming and chanted vocals. Akin to In Slaughter Natives, but with more finesse, Der Blutharsch adds a distinctly European classical/historical element to their often bombastic and always percussive sounds.

"VI" is a mysteriously elegant and contemplative piece, and "VII" is a driving 3 minutes of electronic drums, choral samples, pulsing sequences, and obscure vocals. "The Pleasures Received In Pain" flows as a sort of singular piece, effortlessly conjuring visuals of dramatic wartime tensions and dark, maybe occult inspirations. Fans of Death In June will be more than satiated by this moody set of tunes packed with strident, militaristic declarations and ancient Germanic inspirations. (Tesco Distribution)

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