Friday, March 11, 2011

The Atlas Moth - "The One Amongst The Weed Fields" digital EP

Featuring 4 classic rock songs re-imagined by Chicago doom-weirdie-metal act Atlas Moth, this digital-only EP is a stopgap, proving that these guys have both a freaky sense of humor and the chops to drop thick, sludgy riffs among their low-and-slow doom metal.
The immortal "California Dreamin'" opens, and though the song is recognizable, it seems little more than a joke. Ironic interpretation. I get it.
The EP's finest moment, Pink Floyd's "Fearless", follows. This one eschews the silliness and goes for a seriously gargantuan riff and pummel. Absolutely killer.
Failure's "Golden" is another strong track of spacious drone-metal that works well.
Finally, the Doors' Five To One" is a lysergically-driven slice of psyche-metal that's all-but-unrecogizable, and really pretty unnecessary. This one's hit-and-miss, so proceed with caution! (Candlelight/Tanglade)

Atlas Mothspace

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