Friday, March 11, 2011

Cruachan - "Blood On The Black Robe" album

Straight outta Dublin. Yes, this veteran Irish pagan metal act takes cues from their native country's folk music alongside more modern metal sounds. "I Am Warrior" sounds like Carcass' Jeff Walker fronting a Celtic folk act, but "The Column" is a superb and intense Irish-infused slice of near-black metal. "Thy Kingdom Gone" further shows that these guys have the chops -- a feverish assault of thrashy speed metal that easily holds its own. "The Voyage Of Bran" is a true example of Celtic metal, forging medieval melodies with driving guitars and drums. But, I'm not convinced on every track, though. When they're "on", Cruachan destroy. But some of the ornate medieval melodies sound downright silly when juxtaposed with the band's often-crushing riffs. Can't commit here, sorry. (Candlelight Records)


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