Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rage - "Strings To A Web" album

Well, this little-known (at least on these shores) veteran German metal act has been around for 24 years now, and that likely explains their predilection for classic thrash and melodic metal. Sure, it's a total stereotype, but these guys bring a really strong production, excellent musicianship, and some tight guitar solos and buzzsaw riffs to the table. It's a shame they've yet to "break" America, as they're every bit as good as big names like Megadeth or (cough cough) Metallica. Granted, there are some sappy, silly tracks here, too, that mar the experience. Witness the well-played "Into The Light", which comes far too close to bad mainstream metal, with downright awful lyrics. Maybe there's something lost in the translation from German to English? On a whole different level, "Fatal Grace" is a brief interlude worthy of a schmaltzy adult contemporary recording -- Kenny G, anyone? Nah, me neither.

Nonetheless, "Strings To A Web" is a fun album to listen to -- not too heavy, and just melodic enough to catch the ear. Just don't listen to the lyrics, and you'll be in for a treat of (mostly) old-school heavy metal, clean and clear with a well-developed sense of melody. Rock on, dudes. (Sonic Unyon Metal)


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