Thursday, September 30, 2010

David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - "The Crossing" CD

With mountainous landscapes featured prominently on the cover, and a title like "The Crossing", one would expect to find either a dramatic film score, or a gentle and lulling ambient "new age" recording. Or, in the case of this third collaboration between ambient film music composer Helpling and prog-rock-inspired electronic artist Jenkins, a little bit of both.

As is apparent from the initial track, this won't simply be another album of pleasant soundscapes or sleepytime background music. With plenty of dynamic percussive thunder and deep tapestries of synths and melodic guitars, Helpling and Jenkins craft upbeat and inspiring instrumental soundtracks that convey crisp and cinematic visions. It's a moody music, with moments of introspection that build into expressive landscapes of wonder, mystery, and bliss. "The Crossing" isn't spacious in the cosmic sense, rather it's an organic, earthly journey. I can envision watching vast herds of wildlife from a mountaintop, with brisk winds blowing over the plains. A lovely album of meditational soundtracks with a rock power and ambient disposition. (Spotted Peccary)

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