Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christian Mistress - "Agony + Opium" CD

Hailing from Olympia, Washington, this new band is comfortable skirting the metal trends of the day (or indie/post-punk as Olympia's known best for). Instead, they focus on classic, American-style hard rock -- the tried and true metal of the late 70's before the glam got in the way. They've been endorsed by Fenriz of Darkthrone (which may or may not mean something to you), but with the charismatic and distinctive vocals of Christine Davis, they're destined to make a name for themselves anyway, I'd say.

They throttle their way through the first 5 tracks before slowing it down on the ethereal and earthy "Omega Stone". "Agony + Opium" is only 6 songs and 28 minutes, but the group's dirty, sweaty proto-metal is convincing and harkens back to the days when metal meant leather jackets and cigarettes. Convincing, raw, and untamed music from a time gone by. Or are Christian Mistress paving the way for a new renaissance? (20 Buck Spin)

Christian Mistress site

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