Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unholy Grave - "Grind Killers" CD

Ah, this one is interesting. Unholy Grave are a veteran grindcore act from Japan who've released spades of split LPs, EPs, and cassettes since 1993. This 23-track, 34-minute blast was recorded live in a Dutch studio, and is a growly, lo-fi clot of brief grind blasts that could easily be a mid-80's UK act. Tracks are pretty well interchangeable, save for a faithful (and humorous) cover of the Ramones' "Beat On The Brat", and Unholy Terror's political direction is definitely more punk than metal. Tracks like "No Racial Superiority" mince no words. And a number of anti-terrorism tracks also show that Unholy Grave aren't all about fantasy or "evil" for evil's sake. This is pure, uncut crust/grind cut from the same cloth as early Napalm Death. Cool and fun. (Selfmadegod Records)


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