Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aun/ Habsyll - "Split LP"

This split vinyl won't be something for everyone, but anyone with a taste for noise and dark, extended doom/drone atmospheres may find plenty to envelop themselves in. Side A is by Montreal's Aun (aka Martin Dumais and Julie Leblanc) Their opening cut, "Druids", is 13 minutes of foreboding atmospheres and plodding death rhythms. Imagine an instrumental machine-doom-metal, monolithic and single-minded, and you'd be in the ball park. Their second track, "Fall Out", is a more spacious attack of sinister machine rhythms and droning guitars with a rudimentary melody shining through. Decent work, but rather forgettable in the end, especially after hearing Side B.
French heavy doom/noise/drone act Habsyll are less subtle on their side, with their monster 23-minute "IV", which rivals acts like Sunn 0))) or Earth in sheer terms of width and girth. It's a slow, grinding, downtuned guitar crunch, with chaotic drums keeping things lively. The spastic, agonized vocalizations are feral and frightening, in such a good way, too. Picture, if you will, classic early SWANS meeting black metal, and Habsyll are threatening like that. Refreshingly intense and confusingly evil sounds to scare your neighbors and antagonize your roommates equally! (Public Guilt)



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