Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Locusta - "Locusta" CD

This American act's full-length debut is a clean and precise battering ram of prog-speed metal riffs, double-kick drumming, and wicked complexity, all wrapped up alongside belchy, gutteral death metal vocals. It's an appealing mix, harkening back to the older days of technical speed/death metal. There is some masterful guitarwork here, too, as the dual battery of Peter Hughes and Dru Silver gel together into a daunting beast of epic soloing and consistently crunchy rhythms. "Mutiny" shows a moment of melodicism before launching itself back into a maelstrom of melodic thrash, whereas "Death Or Devotion" chugs along at the velocity of a bullet, all the while sustaining a melodic precision with rapidfire progressive changes. "2012" is a chaotic blast, and "Dusk At The Mausoleum" is an atmospheric slowdown point, veering a bit into doom territory. The proggy-metal returns with "Into The Tomb" and "Vlad Tepes" before it all closes out with the title cut. Quite a strong showing from this Columbus, Ohio band, and one that should garner them a slew of new fans. (Pragmatic Records)


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